Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

(Updated June 20, 2018)A cookie is a small bit text file that any website stores on your computer, laptop or mobile devices. You will find here how cookies are handles on

You can either allow or deny cookie storage on your computer and other devices depending on your preferences. We do encourage you to allow cookies as it will give you a better experience visiting our web pages.

Web Analytics Tool uses Google Analytics to get accurate data of how visitors are using the site.

The information created by these cookies by your use of our website (IP address included) is being stored by Google located in their United States servers.

The intention is to help us evaluate how the site is being visited to improve our content, navigation and overall site structure.

Google may also transfer this information to third parties if required by law or in cases where a third party treats the information on behalf of Google.

Take note that Google will not match IP addresses with other data that are already held by Google. We set up Google Analytics so that the tool organizes the information stored at Google, deleting the last digits of the visitor’s IP address before the task is stored at Google server.

Don’t Like Web Statistics?

If you don’t want your visits to count in Google Analytics statistics, you can install an add-on to your browser that can block this feature.

Take note that the Add-On will be taken from Google.

You Can Avoid Cookies Completely

To avoid cookies for life, you can edit your computer settings to block cookies for a certain period of time or in a certain amount of file size.

This automatically denies the computer to accept cookies or informs each time a website requests to store a cookie.

Through your website browser, you can also delete previously stored cookies.